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Sophie Amelia is a printmaker and surface pattern designer for the home interior product and accessory market.

She is a process-led designer-maker, specialising in screen print but celebrating all traditional printmaking processes

within her practice.


Applying an innovative human-centred approach, Sophie explores how design can improve well-being through sensory regulation, particularly for neurodivergent people like herself. Her process is influenced by time spent in community workshops and aims to provoke societal change through empowerment and embracing authenticity to create inclusive sensory design pieces with an

adult-focused approach.

Often employing experimental drawing and mark-making techniques, Sophie communicates ideas through an abstract approach to image-making, using both hand and digital methods to construct compositions. Her work often includes the considered use of specialist surface finishes such as flocks, foils and other non-traditional printing techniques to elevate the tactile sensory approach.


Sophie aspires for her work to have purpose, with characteristics of personal value and longevity. Sustainable material choices and a focus on long-term trends alongside her handcrafted approach allow the creation of

forward-thinking designs and inventive collections.


If you have any questions or you're interested in a collaboration or wholesale purchase please get in touch via the contact button below.



Arts Thread, September 2023 - Shortlisted for 2023 Global Design Graduate Award in collaboration with Gucci

The Society of Dyers and Colourists, September 2023 - Highly commended in the International 'Colour for Good' competition

New Designers, June 2023 - The Pattern Cloud Award for Innovative Display

New Designers, June 2023 - AVA Top 10 to watch

New Designers, June 2023 - Sanderson Design Group commendation

The Society of Dyers and Colourists May 2023 - National 'Colour for Good' Award 

The Society of Dyers and Colourists March 2023 - Regional 'Colour for Good' Award 

NMFT Young Traders, July 2022 - Regional Winner 

Colour of Saying, February 2022 - Live Brief Winner


Authentic Expression, Wakefield Cathedral, Wakefield, November 2023


New Designers, London, June 2023


Leeds Arts University Next Gen, Leeds, 2023

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