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Authentic Expression

This expressive textile collection is made for autistic and neurodivergent women and femme-aligned people who want to celebrate their authentic identities and start to make their spaces work for them. Supporting a growing willingness to embrace individuality and finding strength in our sensitivities.

With 80% of autistic women receiving their diagnosis post age 18, a lost generation is now emerging. This makes it important now more than ever to raise awareness about the societal biases that have prevented autistic women from receiving the support and understanding they require.

To add to this, sensory products are often designed for children, but autistic children grow up into autistic adults that still need sensory products and support. This collection aims to achieve a refined adult take on the typical sensory product, encouraging the normalisation of these designs and integrating them into society to achieve more accessible and inclusive interior spaces.

These designs are composed of an abstract amalgamation of shapes, textures and colours based on the quotes gathered about the experience of autism as a woman. Specialist surface finishes are used to add an elevated sensory aspect to the designs, welcoming the need for sensory regulation and making it a focal point within the home. The versatile colour palette is bold and engaging with a nostalgic feel to create a comforting and grounding atmosphere within the space.

This is a textile collection developed by, with and for autistic women.

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